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Then CE2 have been working on a game in Cape Math and CM1 on personal work, after it was the opposite. Before the record Karl gave us a calendar he made. Leah’s blog The School Cremetterie ce2 cm -1 1 comment Read more Friday, November 27 School Blog perso The Cremetterie ce2 cm1 on 29/11/09 – 6:44 p.m. by Lena Maelys and Anaelle The School Blog The Cremetterie ce2 In cm1 Read more Tuesday, November 24 and Thursday, November 26 School blog perso the Cremetterie ce2 cm1 26/11/09 – 9:26 p.m.

Tuesday the school blog the Cremetterie ce2 cm1 Read more Monday, November 23 School blog perso the Cremetterie ce2 cm1 the 23/11/09 – 10:44 p.m. Just back from swimming. The School Blog The Cremetterie ce2 cm1 Read more on impressions of the responsibility that teachers could leave us personal blog of the Latin scholars Commynes 20/11/09 – 4:39 p.m. Our Latin teacher (Me Pico) and our teacher librarian (me Duvialard) let us work independently deal with our research.

We thank them for helping us to correct our texts and their layout. This work has helped us to realize that without the teachers it was all different and very interesting result. Blog latinistes Commynes 2 comments Read more Tuesday, November 17 School Blog perso The Cremetterie ce2 cm1 on 17/11/09 – 7:17 p.m.

In French we have been working on the present and the future from a sentence of a text from Nathan. Blog The School Cremetterie ce2 cm -1 1 comment Read more «first

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By Maiwenn Lebreton on 10/06/11 – 6:52 p.m. In: Minutes of Meeting Coordination Saturday, May 28, 2011 Agenda: sitting balance and predict the next working group resistance training ICEM RIDEF Course + AG returned memberships funding blog Francois DVD virginia subscriptions living Results positive balance, about 350 people. 400 € for desobeisseurs.

5000 € 1000 € of subsidies for RIDEF. Beneficiaries 2OOO €. 500 € and 1500 € fresh platelets. A lounge next year? or a large west internship? Spring Break or 26 27 28 May or end of the Easter holidays to offer Poitiers and Britain. to review on 21 September in Prinquiau? a lounge in October would increase membership. pensions Day: Wednesday, June 29 and living? or internship? launch a doodle on the choice or not a lounge or 1 year 2? problem: open to all members of or deepening of GD? or 2. Very strong demand “start FP”!

Resistance training and placement of 29 and August 30, 2011 November 9: heterogeneity and learning difficulties January 25: authority and discipline April 25: motivation and report to work in partnership with educational Resistance: the report to the institution and the suffering of teachers and possibly RP only propose placements. Reno will propose to the IA our courses, they are recognized and registered. We do not want to appear as “private pharmacies” is a free training.

Workgroups groups less this year, especially energy and dilute reorganization of coordination. Problem of how and why? The how interested beginners and interested why the current members of GD.

Francis points out that there is no membership this year, PES can not be mobilized meets Reno. Francois and Chantal were present and it is no longer the case! How to Market to beginners FP?

What availability for “beginners”? Proposals and needs 29: at Saint-Exupery school in Vigneux de Bretagne Home: 9:30 ET 10:00 meeting, cooperative and festive meals for retirements. Each brings a little more elaborate dish with a drink we invite our three retirees will hands in pockets! Bring musical instruments …

500 members ICEM ICEM € 80 it’s still expensive, expect next AG IDEM. What contribution for those who go to Congress? Let € 500 up to share. The RIDEF RIDEF account is € 2800 and € 4500 must be the next RIDEF. Francois propose we take either the account or Epidor.

The Regional Board should give € 2000. So a check for € 4500 to Patricia Despaquis. AG returned internship and internship: Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 internship Georama, free choice: 15 to 18 € per person / day or 30 €. Open to children, daycare? Melanie manages registration, it states that to bring the personal hygiene needs.

It is proposed that the GD pays facilitators for 2 days. Course open by appointment. Opportunity to come a day but 18 € for a day. Who wants to run the center? General Assembly on 21 September in Prinquiau.

Special Meeting as usual in January. coordination Statutes Who can join? Roles and powers of coordination put the books available at the local form of trunks to lend or circulate “mobile library” Financing blog Francois It was decided that the GD supports local fund educational strength, specify for donations nonmembers information “educational strength.” We keep the RIDEF account to change the title and start with 400 € on account (a member of the committee).

Mary Queen will make a check to Francis on behalf of the GD. Records of the Department Delegate: ability to launch the AGORA for everyone to see them. (Claude ask if possible?) Subscriptions “Freinet’s Friends” for 21 € 2 issues per year. Next coordination: September 17 at 17:00 Add comment

By School Prenovel – Round 3 on 10/06/11 – 4:47 p.m. In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading Arts> Poetry Madam rain, Can you tell us what time will he do now? Will he get out the umbrellas?

Mr. Sun, who amazes us why we do you put the sunglasses? Mr. Mrs. in the rainbow Who lights up the sky Can you go into a bottle? But then, but then, how many are there?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5? But no, there’s more! No, there’s less! Damn, I forgot the recount must This is it, I found these three time what do they do for a living? They sorrow, joy and happiness!

Jade 2010-2011 three times By Annie Dhenin on 26/06/11 – 2:28 p.m.. Jade Let me tell you that your poem touched me, and even impressed. I love writing the last part. You made me write these lines echo 3: The rain has finished gurgling in the pool under the sun, the colors vibrate, sips of perfumes A bee sizzles: close your eyes, listen I want you to write a lot of poems … summer and winter, Annie Thanks for Visitor, 06/12/11 – 7:19 p.m..

Thank you, Yes, I invented other poems Thanks again for your comment Jade
1 result Results Building – year 1968 to 1969 (6): a grade> special education liaison master classes Bulletin CEL For teachers review Math> Geometry March 1969 Authors: A. Woodcutter, Andree Bernard C. Commenges, Caporossi Georges Gaudin, Gisele Le Gal, J. Bourdarias, J. Pujol, Jean Le Gal, Maurice Lecuit, Michel Barre, Ms. Loesch, P. Seykens Pierre Vernet and Pierre Yvin more

By Catherine Chabrun on 16/12/09 – 8:17 In: Gr ICEM news Editions movie “The Truancy” of Jean-Paul Le Chanois (1949) with Bernard Blierdans the role of the young teacher Freinet.. 1920 in a small village in Provence, Pascal, young teacher, comes up against the lack of interest of his students. He decides to radically change its methods.

He listens to children, inspired by their discoveries, takes them into the wild. This film marks a high point in the history of post-war cinema. It also recounts the famous pedagogue debut that was Freinet, played brilliantly by Bernard Blier. “Prices and profits” of Yves Allegret (1932) In collaboration with the Movement Freinet, Yves Allegret realizes this legendary film, which will be homework helper science
offered to teachers 9.5mm coils.

There exposes mechanisms capitalism following the route of a potato, from producer to consumer. Some friends of the director are the numbers: Marcel Duhamel, Pierre and Jacques Prevert, Lily Masson … And three documentary films that present the Freinet “The Freinet Movement” Henry Porter.

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